It’s an Emergency! Three Things to Do to Reach People in a Water Crisis

In 2016, the South Texas city of Corpus Christi was mired in water safety crises that may continue into 2017. City officials have had to issue three different alerts, including one in December that rendered the entire city — with more than 324,000 residents — without drinking water for four days. Corpus Christi is not … Read More

Three Water Industry Predictions for 2017

With the books closed on 2016, I am sure I am not alone in reflecting on the year passed and pensive on what 2017 has to offer, especially from a water perspective. What have we learned from 2016 and how is it going to impact outcomes in 2017? As it pertains to my work at … Read More

Using Water Conservation and Rate Hikes in the Same Sentence

“What keeps you up at night?” is a question I often ask utility staff to help better understand their unique challenges. Lately, a recurring response I have received is how to ensure water rates are affordable while encouraging conservation. How do we communicate with our customers both the need to conserve and also the reality … Read More